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Self-Development • Self-Care • Self-Exploration

Hi, my name is Rán

and I am your Tarot reader.

First time tarot clients welcome 🃏

I am here to encourage you to explore Tarot as self-care practice; an essential to functioning in our busy world.

Tarot as a self-development tool

Let’s enjoy Tarot as contemplative art, to promote the mindfulness of the present moment and tune into your inner wisdom and strength, together.

Now available for in-person or online readings.

Find out more about my services from the links below.

Online video readings

Live video readings via Google hangout/Zoom.

You will be able to connect with me from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you may be in the world.

60 min - £55 / 30 min - £28

Book an online video reading (via Etsy Shop)

In-person readings (East London)

Face-to-Face Tarot readings on location at a public space in East London*.

*Please note that this might not be suitable for those who wish to discuss topics which require strict privacy. Travel/space cost might be added depending on the location.

Price: 60 min - £55 / 30 min - £28

Book an in-person reading

Event Bookings

I will be happy to read for you and your guests at your private or corporate events.

Price: TBD

Enquire about event booking

About my readings

I am all about self-development, self-care and self-exploration to improve every day life.

My readings are ‘YOU-centred’; which means we focus on your emotional responses, actions and feelings rather than the other person or situations involved.

My service is intended to have down-to-earth messages and to offer a different perspective in your situation. I will bring my sincere honesty in the session with you, and might deliver tough messages if they come up, which I will handle with the utmost care and sensitivity.

About me

Hi, my name is Rán and I am your Tarot reader.

Born and grew up in small country villages in the far north of Japan, I have developed an affinity with the peace of the natural world which has stayed with me all my life.

Even after relocating to London, I have always kept the creative, intuitive and holistic approach to problem-solving I acquired growing up in Japan. My role is to empower, nourish and motivate you through the rich vocabulary of archetypal imagery offered by Tarot deck, so that you can make the best choices for yourself to improve your everyday life.

I am also trained in MHFA (mental health first aid) in the UK, and deeply interested in bringing humane love and care to create positive changes to people’s wellbeing in their everyday life.

“…Her readings help me to gain clarity and insight, reaching a deeper understanding into next steps so I can make more intuitive and empowered choices. Highly recommended!”

Sri M, London

“A unique therapeutic experience with the aid of her beautiful assortment of tarot card decks, that opens you up to explore your life through questions. Her energy put's you at ease, that has me looking forward to every appointment.

Nelle, London

Photo credit: Chanelle Antoinette Photography

Important Note

* Readings are only for Age +18 only.

*No refund policy - all fees are agreed prior to the reading.

*My services are not a replacement for a licensed mental health, medical, legal or financial professional. Tarot reading will do wondrous things as a complimentary aid to the appropriate help from a licensed professional you are already receiving.

*All information offered by clients is kept in the strictest confidence.

*Tarot readings should ultimately be used for entertainment purposes and their efficacy beyond that cannot be guaranteed.

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Get in touch

Please email me to book a reading/ if you have any questions with the title ‘TAROT QUERY‘ to: Ran@Tarot.YouMeSquared.com

Thanks and I look forward to connecting with you.

🙏 ✨

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